Best Mosquito Zapper 2018

The Very Best Outdoor Mosquito Zappers

The outdoors is the perfect place for peace, and the porch or patios is a great place for friends, lovers, and family to sit and enjoy each other’s good company. All is serene and pleasant until the insects arrive.

These beastly blood-suckers and flying nuisances descend upon us relaxing humans in hordes and winged attacks. Without some defensive strategy, it is quite common to retreat to the safety of the indoors leaving all that beautiful starlight unappreciated.

But, wait when nature comes attacking, science has the answer in the form of an irresistible light and shocking prizes. Bug zappers of all types and purposes exist and choosing the best option for your situation can provide you with endless summer nights and uninterrupted communications.

Most importantly you won’t be picking gnats from your Chardonnay or slapping yourself silly trying in an attempt to discourage withdrawals on your blood.

But, the best results will only come with precise solutions. There are devices large enough for the needs of an extensive field or a small corner of the room. Then there are issues of quality and performance. Some options may be very expensive and impressive-looking but offer no defense from the insect.

Sub-standard bug zappers are the worst-case scenario when going shopping for effective protection from itching and biters. But, this article will allow you the chance of skipping the learning curve and get right to knowing the bug zapper for your situation.

The first things to understand are the features and factors of a good product. This way you will be able to choose from the lot with precision. Further, in the article, we will list the top bug zappers on the market. These exemplify everything, and outdoors lover needs to be at peace and rest on their property without fearing they will become a feast for the mosquito.

Following is a short overview of some important aspects of a first-rate bug zapper along with some information on why these aspects are important.

1. Construction and Design

Quality is an important factor, and the design and construction will need to be durable if it is to last long enough to be an asset. There are indoor and outdoor varieties and to withstand wind, rain, flying leaves and even bigger bugs you will need a potent bug zapper. It should also be resistant to effects or corrosion and remain in place no matter the wind speed.

Furthermore, your bug zapper is an attention grabber for human eyes as well as bugs, and this means it should fit nicely into the architecture and decor of the patios and porches they grace. Certain models can be found that inconspicuously blend with the features of the garden.

2. Effective Range

The range your bug zapper can address is another important factor. If your bug zapper does not even protect you while on your porch you will be at the mercy of mosquitos when venturing into the garden beyond.

The range of a bug zapper can be several meters or a few feet. You can research the kill radius of your bug zapper before purchasing one. It could be that a few medium ranged options will be better than a single long-range option, or vice versa.

You will notice the protection zone is larger on those models with higher wattage in light bulbs.

3. Additional Features

Specific designs and options have different features that make them more lethal, less conspicuous or more attractive to the insect element. This could include chemical additives, timers, photosensitive or other features that improve the functionality of the device.

4. Prices

Finally, the price range is an important consideration. You will need to consider your needs alongside your resources to address them. You will see a considerable difference in prices although the efficacy of the bug zapper may not change much.

The Top 4 Outdoor Mosquito Zappers

1. Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat

One of the best choices today is the Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat. While marketed for indoor/outdoor use this impressive device will protect a full 1,200 sq.ft. — that’s two acres.

This device is so effective it has seen an application in the fields of agriculture. Barn animals across the US sleep safely with the effective Flowtron keeping the biting bugs at bay. This device is equipped with an especially potent UV light that calls to all insects in the vicinity of 120Ws and 5,600Vs.

This means that even large bugs like moths will be laid to rest in a humane and effective manner. The corpses of the fallen are laid out on a dedicated catch tray where they can be conveniently disposed of. There is also a considerably long power cable allowing this device to be set up anywhere anytime for indoor or outdoor use.

The unit stands 27 inches high and 12 from side to side. It is also made out of a high-quality plastic and seems to provide considerable protection from wind and rain. Although it would be inadvisable to leave the unit unprotected in the rain.

There are some things that the consumer should consider before purchasing this product. After a few minutes in operation, there is a distinctive buzzing sound as if the queen of all mosquitos is hovering nearby. While this probably attracts mosquitos, it still creates a buzz.

Final Word on the Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat

Effective, powerful and versatile this product will fit the needs you have no matter the extent. You can hang this thing over a dumpster to get an idea of the type of insect control we are talking here. The construction is also good and can be counted on for years of effective service.

2. Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper

Versatility takes on a whole new meaning with the Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper. Not only is this indoor/outdoor, but great outdoors too. The Stinger can accompany you to the next seaside clambake, camping trip or fishing adventure. It will serve not only to ward off the advances of voracious predatory vermin but can also shed a bright LED light on the area of operations.

A single touch of a button and the powerful lantern becomes an insect attracting bug zapper once more. You can recharge the device and then place it wherever you need it for effective insect control. The battery can last for a full 4 hours before recharging is needed, but the potent lithium-ion battery is durable, and you can expect years of top quality service from this versatile device.

A large metal ring is featured at the top of the mosquito zapper and allows it to be hung anywhere you go. The design is also very compact allowing for portability and use wherever it is needed.

The major drawback to a versatile rechargeable lantern/ bug zapper with extreme portability features is the range of protection. Don’t expect two acres of protection here; the coverage area is about 625 ft. of protection from your front porch. One other thing you may not like is the addition of insect attractor chemicals that have a particularly nasty smell.

But, if this is something you don’t like, simply don’t add it. We found the efficacy didn’t suffer noticeably without the chemical bait.

Final Word on the Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper

For the active and restless a small and portable defense against aerial insects is a must. If it is also fitted with a convenient lantern all the better. We found the coverage region to be more than suitable to the product and believe that applied to its designed purpose, killing insects on the go, it is superb and effective.

3. Black Flag BZ-40

This superior product received honorable mentions in the list of best bug zappers in 2106, and we see no reason that this quality has diminished. Featuring a 5,500-volt current, this mosquito zapper provides a powerful defense considering the energy-saving 40W bulb it employs.

As the further tribute to its energy-saving qualities, this bug zapper has a photosensitive sensor that allows it to be flipped on and off automatically so as only to be used as needed. Here we see the application of insect attraction once again, if you have no qualms about the smell and relish the evening without bites, you will be pleased with this product for sure.

Being of limited range and excellent energy efficiency, this device is a good option for addressing the needs of larger property from multiple locations. Its efficiency in the area of operations is unparalleled.

Final Word on the Black Flag BZ-40

Energy-efficiency and “set-it-and-forget-it” features make this is the suitable feature for long-term protection of gardens porches and patios. The attractive design looks great and virtually disappears at night leaving only a loving violet glow (and the unmistakable smell of octanol).

4. Westinghouse Solar Bug Killers

More is more when it comes to taking advantage of solar energy to power your war on the insect menace. This product contains a set of two devices that are equipped with solar energy panels to convert solar energy into bug zapping power sufficient to cover 400 sq. Ft. Each.

Versatility is another selling point as these devices can be switched from bug zappers to small lanterns with the flip of a switch. This means they can double as bug protection and light for paths and walkways through the darkness of the outdoors at night.

NO power cords are another advantage of being solar powered. Just set them in the places they will do you the most good and let them do their work on a day to day basis. You will find the quality of construction makes them appear very formidable and they are. You will still want to provide maintenance and cleaning as you see needed to ensure the longevity of the product.

Aesthetic appeal is present in the elegant design that makes a lovely addition to the calming appeal of the garden.

Final Word on the Westinghouse Solar Bug Killers

What’s not to like about the energy-efficiency of solar power married to the “more the merrier” notion of 800 sq. Ft. of protection 400 sq. Ft. At a time. This is the perfect option for protecting people in transit from main houses to rustic fireplaces, BBQ pits, and bars in the garden. Then they allow for some light to be shed on them to protect toes from stubby on the shrubbery.

In Conclusion — The Best For You

Which is the best option for you? This all depends on the purpose you hope to address. We have defined our best picks under the three following categories.

1. The Protector — Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat

When it comes to taking no prisoners tactics and the considerable range of protection, nothing beats the Flowtron. With a device like this in operations, an evening in the outdoors will be disrupted only by the buzzing of the zapper doing its work. If protection is needed, accept no substitutes.

2. The Economist — Black Flag BZ-40

If you are looking to gain considerable protection while still keeping your budget intact, the Black Flag is powerful and cost-effective. This option even has features that allow for energy reduction while in use. If protection over a long time is needed and prices must be kept low go with the Black Flag.

3. The Bodyguard — Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper

If you need a special type of protection on the go, you can either find a long extension cord or go rechargeable. The Stinger cordless can be set up wherever you go and wherever you need. If you are having a picnic in the backyard or a camping trip in the Florida Everglades, take along some light and mosquito zapping protection.